About this service

Taking troubles out of your trips

Researching your trip destination may be exciting, but it is no doubt time-consuming. It could be quite troublesome to go through thick travel guides and searching the web filled with tons of unsorted information. In that case, try contacting a local in your travel destination.

As a personal concierge service, all information and guidance is personalized to fit you only, for a more in-depth experience.

Communicating with locals

When traveling overseas, communicating with locals is actually quite hard. The concierge is not only a window for you in your travels but also someone like a friend in Japan. Besides consulting your concierge, try hearing about their lifestyle to have a feel of how people live in Japan.

Experience the real Japan

Through Skype chat, your concierge will provide consultation about and throughout your trip, based on his or her lifestyle in Japan. Our brilliant, knowledgeable, and well-experienced concierges are picked after going through written applications, interviews, and training. As concierge services are based on individuals' personal preferences and experiences in Japan (such as his or her favorite shops, tourist spots, grocery shopping advice, etc.), you may get a deeper, more unique travel experience that can't be afforded by travel guides.

As our concierges are all unique individuals, you may see an entirely different face of Japan depending on the concierge your consult.

Please try experiencing the real Japan.